W1MAX - even snail is faster

Why???? whyyyyyyyyy??? It’s so freaking slow! Oh my God! Even snail moves faster than this!

WIMAX really sucks. they are cheating customer in broad daylight. so sick with their lame “sudah potong” tagline and ads. 4G connection? You got to be kidding me! I dare to say even my old 56kbps connection is wayyyyyyyy faster than this.

How I wish I were at home right now with my Streamyx. WIMAX is really getting on my nerves. For those who were thinking of getting a broadband, let me tell you one thing, don’t ever sign up with them!! You’ll regret it!

Just want to share my experiences so far with this terrible ISP. It’s completely normal if you have to wait for such a looooooooong time just to get a signal. It’s normal if you get a frequent disconnection. Ohh and it’s also normal if you called their customer service and nobody answered your call.

And this is my own personal rating regarding ISP in Malaysia (best to worst):

1. Uni-Fi

2. Streamyx

3. Digi Broadband

4. Maxis Broadband

5. U-Mobile Broadband

6. Celcom Broadband

I won’t even bother with WIMAX if I were you. There is other ISP out there, but I don’t want to list them down as I doubt people know about them, plus their coverage is very limited. It’s not worth mentioning.

Neck Pain

I woke up this morning feeling a severe pain at my neck. The pain is so terrible, I can hardly move my neck. Even a slight move can cause a lot of pain. Took some pain killer but to no avail.

Because of the neck pain, it also affects my head and I end up having a headache too. What a luck ehhh. So, I had no choice but to skip two classes today. Yeah, blimey!

Now I better go find my “Ammeltz Yoko-yoko”, with high hopes that it can ease the pain. lolz

Malaysia - Now & Future

As we all know, PM has introduced 4 strategic thrusts to transform us towards Vision 2020. If you guys are still clueless about the thrusts, let me brief you. The first thrust which had been introduced quite a long time ago was the 1 Malaysia concepts which emphasize on “People First, Performance Now”. This is followed by three other thrust namely the 10th Malaysia Plan, GTP and ETP.

How many of you actually know about our current economic condition? Is it good? Or bad? The good news is Malaysia is one of only 13 countries in the world to have sustained growth of over 7% for 25 years or more since 1945. But due to the recent global events, eg; global financial crisis, it has affected us. GDP growth now stands around 4-5%.

The future looks gloom. Did you know Malaysia has a rising debt? Our current debt stands at RM 362 billion and a rising deficit. If the government debt continues to rise at the rate of 12% per annum, we could go BANCRUPT in 2019. Surely we do not want end up like Greece whose debt at EUR 300 billion! So in order to save Malaysia, we must reduce our expenditure and increase our GDP.

One of the ways to reduce our expenditure is by reducing the subsidy. Malaysians need to be aware that we are one of the highest subsidized nations, even higher than Indonesia and Philippines. In 2009 alone, RM 74 billion was spent for subsidy purposes. That’s RM 12,900 per household. You should know that the price of our petrol, cooking oil, flour and sugar are among the lowest in the region.

However, when the government wants to increase the price in order to reduce our subsidy expenditures, some ungrateful Malaysian started complaining and saying all sorts of criticism towards them, particularly the opposing forces.

Well, obviously those people know nothing about our economy. Wake up people. Be real. We must live in the REAL WORLD! You really want to see this country going bankrupt? You want us to end up like Greece? I am a government supporter simply because I can see their sincere efforts towards transforming Malaysia into a better country, thus giving us the citizen a better place to live in. As for the opposing forces, all they are good at is talking bulls***, where is the action? To those who supported them, have you ever ask yourself, what did they do that actually bring benefits to our country. Try making a research and then compare their effort with the government. Open your eye, widen your perspective and know the truth. Don’t just listen and accept everything they told you. *melihat jangan sampai tak nampak*

Back to our discussion, the question on the table now is what we should do in order to realize our ambition to achieve Vision 2020. The simple answer would obviously is to increase our revenue and at the same time to reduce the cost.

FYI, in order to become a high income nation by 2020, our GDP must grow at least 6% per annum (2011-2020). Recently, the government just launched the NEM and one of the components under it is the NKEAs. The main objective of NKEAs is to increase our per capita income from RM 23,770 to RM 48,000.

To helps achieve the NKEAs objective, the government introduced ETP. Though this, 131 EPPs and 60 BO’s had been identified. We are talking about projects worth RM 1.6 trillion here. 92% of the investment will come from the private sector and they will become the new engine of growth for our country. This is in line with the 10th Malaysia Plan which is private driven. The remaining 8% will come from public funding. Through NKEAs, an additional 3.3 million jobs will be created by year 2020 and this will also shift us towards higher income nation.

Now we are waiting for the government to release the ETP book (26.10.2010) to the public in which they will explain in details on how they are going to carried out the whole programme. One thing for sure, in order to turn this into a reality, all of us must be united irrespective of race, religion and use our diversity as strength to drive the economy.

Wedding of Fairy Tales

watch this!

perkahwinan antara Nur Nadia SM Nasimuddin & Hamzah Alang Azman Shah. tgk wedding ni dah tau dorang ni kaye gile. memang wedding of the year la. konsep fairy tales tu memang sangat cantikkkkkk.

tapi ade serba sedikit benda yg tak kena tentang majlis ni. watch the video and judge it yourself ;)

pape pon, wedding ni memang meriah and grand habis. kalau mampu, sape tak nak buat majlis mcm ni kann? xD

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Being Me is the greatest challenge
to keep on moving when everything messed up
to keep on going when my vision turns upside down
to keep calm when my anger explodes
to keep smiling when all I have is sadness
to enjoy the real happiness that came only for a while

but only this way
these lessons had taught Me how to live

these challenges that made me stronger inside out
these stories that gave me strength to my weaknesses
so I thank YOU GOD
for each fate that u wrote for my Life
is nothing better but THE BEST!