Korea + Shanghai Delight


Baru je balik dari holiday a few days ago. Time pg arituh, flight ktorg hari Sabtu mlm kol 12.15am..tp delay 2 jam..so kol 2.15am baru bertolak dari KLIA. Amek mase 5 jam utk sampai Pudong Airport in China, then dari situ transit to Incheon Airport, Korea. Total yg ikot trip ni sumer skali 11 org. Mostly pakcik2 ngan makcik2 except for two. heheh

Day 1

Sesampainye di Korea, chewahh..time tuh da afternoon terus je pg lunch. Seriously time tuh mmg da lapar gler, ble sampai je food dia, rase cam waaaaaa~ looks delicious (dia bg sayur2 je sbb halal food susah cket nak dpt kt sini)..tp ble try mkn..omg..tak sedapppppppp!!! Rase sayur2 dia sangat pelik (=.=!). Time nih gak la 1st time aku try makan kimchi..slalu tgk dlm cte2 korea cam sedap je..tp bile try sendiri..heh, tak sedap mane pon. After lunch, terus pg Chuncheon Myeongdong utk shopping2. Petang tuh, ktorg proceed pg Nami Island, filming site cte Winter Sonata tuh. Dlm cite, tgk mcm biase2 je kan tempat tuh..tp ble dah dtg sini tgk sendiri..speechless. Tempat ni sgt lawa!! The environment, the scenery..like w0ahhhh~ Korg kene dtg tgk sendiri..confirm akan terpegun! Tempat ni sgt la sesuai utk honeymoon. Tp satu je, time pg situ the other day tak sempat pon nak round sumer tempat. Time is very limited! After that, pg dinner..the food is exactly the same like lunch, tak sedapppp. Aku mkn nasi + taugeh + kicap je~ wuu. Then pg hotel for zzZZzz.

Day 2

After breakfast, pg Taewangsasinggi’s Blacksmith Shop Village, the shooting place of the Korean drama serial Taewangsasinggi. Cte ape ntah ni, yg aku tau Bae Yong Jun hero dia. Pastuh more shopping at Dangdaemoon Market, which is the largest wholesale and retail shopping district in Korea. Name je wholesale tp harge barang2 dkt cni mahal2 je. Tmpat lain lagi la..Ade sorang pakcik dlm grup aku nih lapar, dia pon pg la beli jagung satu..cube teka bp harge satu jagung tuh?? 2,000 won..Malaysian money roughly about RM 6..haha..see the difference..kat Mesia jagung satu singgit je kot..hoh. Food kat cni tersangatlah mahal~ For lunch, ktorg pg satu area ni..byk Muslim restaurant in that area..tmpt lain susah gle nak cari restaurant halal..so ktorg masuk la satu restraurant ni. Ktorg mkn roti nan + kari ayam + dalca + mix vege + coffee/tea..per head kne bayar 18,000 won, kira-kira RM 54. Gle seyh harge dia. (+.+!). Dinner lak mkn kt Turkish restaurant, sedap mmg la sedap..tp harge dia pon memang sedapppp gak la. haha. Petang tuh lak pg Namsan Hanok Village which is a folk and history museum before blk hotel.

Day 3

Starts with the morning tour visit to Kyongbok Palace. Tmpt nih agak besar la, mcm maze. Sesuai sgt kalau nak main hide & seek kt cni. heheh. Pastuh pg National Folk Musuem. Agak bosan kt cni sbb xde mende yg menarik pon. Lepas lunch, drive by the Presidential Blue House, the Korean President’s residence. Then stop by the Ginseng Outlet and Amethyst Factory. After that, more shopping at Insadong. Then, pg Kimchi School utk belajar buat kimchi. Senang je rupenye nak wat mende nih! Last skali pg Lotte World. Tmpt ni ala2 Disneyland. Dia punye indoor theme park is the largest in the world..then ade outdoor theme park lagi. Bagi sehari suntuk pon xkan sempat utk explore sumer tempat dlm ni! Sempat la cube a few rides before blk hotel.

Day 4

Last day in Korea, more shopping at Dangdaemoon. After lunch, we went straight to the airport amek flight pg Shanghai lak. Goodbye Korea, hello China. hee~ By the time sampai dah mlm, so lepas dinner sempat la shopping cket2 before blk hotel.

Day 5

Lepas breakfast, pg National Musuem..bosannnn Aku xske musuem~ Pastuh pg Shanghai World Financial Centre which is one of the tallest tower in the world. Tinggi dia 474m..bangunan nih ade 101 tingkat tp ktorg naik smpai tingkat 94 je, time constraint okehh. Seriously, views from up here is superb! Tp from up here pon tak nampak sumer bandar Shanghai sbb ianye tersangat la besar. Aku rase ade la kot 6-7 kali ganda lagi besar dari KL. Penduduk kt cni je pon dah around 20 juta. Ptg tuh, shopping2 cket kat urmm ape tah name tmpt tuh..lupe sudah.heheh. Mlm tuh naik cruise pusing2 around Shanghai. Night view mmg lawa gle, jauh beza ngan cruise kt Putrajaya tuh. hakhak. Pastuh baru blk hotel.

Day 6

More shopping, after lunch terus pg airport coz it’s time to go home~

The Conclusion

Dkt Shanghai, food x problem sgt. Byk muslim restaurant. Harga pon ok. Tp kat Korea, food mmg problem. Sape2 nak pg sane better korg bawak instant food byk2! Kalau aku tau awal2 sure dah bwk megi, tuna, sardin ape sumer skali time dtg arituh. Xde la kebulur. heshh. Utk shopping, Korea mmg lg mahal compared to China. Tp kt China pon, xde la murah sgt. Biase2 je. Aku rase best lg shopping kt Mesia. haha. In term of the scenery & the environment, Korea lg lawa la. No doubt about that. Time aku pg tgh musim panas, kalo autumn confirm lg lawaaa~ Tempat paling best..Nami Island!! Nak dtg honeymoon kat cni la nanti. lalala =p

Away From Home

I’m going to Korea this weekend!! hihihi ^^ . I’ll tell ya’ the details later.

Till then, ja-ne~

p/s: sesape nak pesan barang ke ape, bley terus msg je kt phone..ehemm jgn lupe kasi duit skali. hakhak

Survey 7

If I looked on the bed next to you, what would I find?


Do you go to the bathroom with the door open or closed?


Sleep on your back or stomach?

selalu mengiring ke kanan..tp ble da msk alam mimpi tuh da xsedar da..mcm2 posisi xD

What would I find if I looked UNDER your bed?

another bed. ahah

Something that happened today that made you angry?


Marriage or living together?

mesti la kawin

What shirt are you wearing now?

a white shirt

Do you sing?

sing? ,,saye humming =p

Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?

I always hide them

Ever had surgery?


Last argument you got into with?

tak ingat

Do you tend to rip the paper off water bottles?


How long does it take for you to fall asleep at night?

kadang cepat, kadang lambat.haha

When you shut off your alarm clock, do you tend to fall back asleep?

nope..but it still happened on rare occasion xD

If you were given the chance to take care of a monkey for a weekend, would you?

takmo ahh

What is the current advertisement on the side of the screen?

takde pon

What are you looking forward to in the next few months?

made loads of new friends

It's midnight. Who are you texting?

skrg siang la..hihi

What movie is in your DVD player?

takde..sumer dlm external =p

If you could move away, no questions asked, where would you move?

my own house.huhu

How much do looks matter to you in a guy/girl?

looks x penting sgt..agame lg penting

What’s the best feeling in the world?

happy, calm and at peace ^^

3 Little Words

Some of the most significant messages people deliver to one another often come in just three words. When spoken or conveyed, those statements have the power to forge new friendships, deepen old ones and restore relationships that have cooled. The following three-word phrases can enrich every relationship.

I'LL BE THERE - Being there for another person is the greatest gift we can give. When we are truly present for other people, important things happen to them and to us. We are renewed in love and friendship. We are restored emotionally and spiritually. 'Being there' is at the very core of civility.

I MISS YOU - Perhaps more marriages could be salvaged and strengthened if couples simply and sincerely said to each other, "I miss you." This powerful affirmation tells partners they are wanted, needed, desired and loved.

I RESPECT YOU - Respect is another way of showing love. Respect conveys the feeling that another person is a true equal. It is a powerful way to affirm the importance of a relationship.

MAYBE YOU'RE RIGHT - This phrase is highly effective in diffusing an argument and restoring frayed emotions. The flip side of "maybe you're right" is the humility of admitting "maybe I'm wrong."

PLEASE FORGIVE ME - Many broken relationships could be restored and healed if people would admit their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. All of us are vulnerable to faults, foibles and failures. A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong, which is but saying, in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.

I THANK YOU - Gratitude is an exquisite form of courtesy. People who enjoy the companionship of good, close friends are those who don't take daily courtesies for granted. They are quick to thank their friends for their many expressions of kindness. On the other hand, people whose circle of friends is severely constricted often do not have the attitude of gratitude.

COUNT ON ME - "A friend is one who walks in when others walk out," Loyalty is an essential ingredient for true friendship; it is the emotional glue that bonds people. Those who are rich in their relationships tend to be steady and true friends. When troubles come, a good friend is there, indicating "you can count on me."

LET ME HELP - The best of friends see a need and try to fill it. When they spot a hurt they do what they can to heal it. Without being asked, they pitch in and help.

I UNDERSTAND YOU - People become closer and enjoy each other more if they feel the other person accepts and understands them. Letting others know in so many little ways that you understand him or her is one of the most powerful tools for healing your relationship.

GO FOR IT - Some of your friends may be non conformists, have unique projects and unusual hobbies. Support them in pursuing their interests. Rather than urging your loved ones to conform, encourage their uniqueness-everyone has dreams that no one else has.

I suppose the 3 little words that you were expecting to see have to be reserved for those who are special; that is I LOVE YOU.

Survey 6

My first survey........think you can handle it?
this is not the first okehh

Don't you hate it when they ask for "the basics"?
basics ape??

How now brown cow?
ske2 ati je panggil brown cow! hoh

What is your favorite color?
red, white, light blue, green, black

You got any video games? If so, what type?
you bet I do..banyakkkk type

Pssssssst.......Hey! Wanna buy a lava lamp?
the heck is a lava lamp? hoh

Inside jokes.....got any you might want to explain there, buddy?
don’t have one..am not a good joker

You ever listen to Slipknot?
yeahh..tak best pon

Go, now!
u lead, I’ll follow from behind xD

Why did E.T. phone home?
go & ask him urself =p

Where are you?
somewhere on earth

Are you single?

Are you hot?

Who do you like? (don't worry, i won't tell)
haha yela tuh

Do people call you your real name, or a nickname?

So hows life?

You know, making surveys isn't as easy as you think.
really? =p

What is your favorite mythical creature?

I'm sorry, but I have to know your name before this is over, what is it?
see my profile please..tq

Do you have your permit/license yet?
yeah..car & bike

How fast do you run the 100m in?
4.2s..just like Sena-kun..ahaha

Are you listening to music?

What song is it, and who is it by?
beyonce - halo

What color is your........shirt?

So why are you doing surveys on this fine day?
coz I’m boring

Do you sniff markers or glue?
nope..y would i? hoh

Are you mature?
like 70% matured xD

What were you doing before this?
baru pas mkn ice-cream

Where is the place you would live in your wildest dreams?

What's your wierdest experience you can recall?
the déjà-vu thingy..

How tall are you?
between 165cm-175cm xD

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Being Me is the greatest challenge
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but only this way
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