10 Rules For A Good Day

If someone is rude, if someone is impatient, if someone is unkind...I will not respond in a like manner. Hi5 Emoticon

If I come across someone who treats me harshly or unfairly, I will quietly ask God to bless that individual. I understand the "enemy" could be a family member, neighbor, co-worker, or a stranger.

I will carefully choose and guard my words being certain that I do not spread gossip.

I will find ways to help share the burden of another person.
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I will forgive any hurts or injuries that come my way. TODAY I WILL DO SOMETHING NICE FOR SOMEONE, BUT I WILL DO IT SECRETLY: I will reach out anonymously and bless the life of another.

I will practice the golden rule - "Do unto others as I would have them do unto me" - with everyone I encounter.

My smile, my words, my expression of support, can make the difference to someone who is wrestling life.
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I will eat less; I will eat only healthy foods. I will thank God for my body.

I will spend a little more time in prayer today: I will begin reading something spiritual or inspirational today; I will find a quiet place and listen to God's voice.

heheh..think positively (^__^)..time for bath~ weeeeeee
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You will see a different Arsenal next week!!!

On the overall performance…

“It was a difficult game played at a high pace. Manchester United started stronger than us and if you look at the clear cut chances they were on top, of course, tonight. The positive is that we are only 1-0 down and we are still to play at home. I am convinced you will see a different Arsenal at The Emirates.

"I believe we still have a chance to reverse the result. Football can be like this. We could play tomorrow and you would see a different game. That is why I still believe at home we can do it. The tie is still very open. United could have regrets because they could have scored a second goal, and it is up to us to make them regret that."

On upping the ante in big games…

“If you are in a Semi-Final of the Champions League it means that we have played well in big games before.”

On keeping Ronaldo relatively quiet…

“I think Gibbs had a very good game again today. He is a very promising full-back."

On staying confident…

“It will be a good opportunity to show our character and our mental strength. I am confident you will see it so I invite you to a press conference next Tuesday after the game, and then you would have seen it.”

"There is a Final at stake. Don't worry, when you play at home knowing you could reach a Final, we will be up for it. I am confident because I believe we will be on top next Tuesday and you will see a different Arsenal team."

p/s: takpe2..ada 2nd leg which it at home..go go Gunners!!!


Because my brain is mush and the Internet is damn slow, I am compiling a list of things that I hate/loathe about being a student and going to class.

1. Morning class. Nuff said.

2. Boring lecturer who will bored you with their boring lectures.

3. Nosy class mates.

4. People who hover over your desk. I like my personal space. thank-you-very-much.

5. Assignments that need to be submitted before the due date and lecturers who suddenly go missing (and by missing I mean there are not in their room and class).

6. You’re on your way to the class and then someone text you “today’s class is cancel”.

7. Time’s up but the lecturer still teaching in front. 2 hours is more than enough.

8. Coming back to class after a long weekend.

9. Class mates who talk so loudly in the class that you can't hear yourself think.

10. People who talk on their cell phones the wholeeeeeeeeeee way to class. I mean, really people?! Really?!

Ok, whew. That was nice to get off my chest. To be honest, today wasn't horrific, but it was really busy.

Happy Sweet Sour 21, Naz

Ohh danggg!! i can't believe i'm already 21 years old xD..da tue aku nih.hoho..felt like..just yesterday i've finished high school..time flies so fast and i didn't even realize it (T__T)..and I don't look like 21..seriously..time pergi skolah arituh bley dorg ingat aku student skolah..nampak mude kot? haha =p

Haa during this exam week..I hardly study..hoho..rase tersangat la mal
as..i spent most of the time watching movies and playing games..seriously..like 7-8 hours a day..just imagine..the rest, cam biase la..tdo..itu aktiviti wajib.ahaha

I don't know why lately it's been so difficult for me to sleep..imsomnia kah?? hmmm..At one point, xtdo langsung..in 24 hours, i slept for only like 2 hours..huu..thx god i got a story to watch during my sleepless night, Witch Yoo-Hee..thx to Pese, i'm addicted to that story.haha..the story line, the actors/actress..its perfect (Yoo-hee is sooo damn cute~ lol)..i rated it 5 out of 5.huhu..layak masuk top 3 for all time favourite korean drama nih..hee

So far, one paper which is Research da lepas..one day before the Research paper..i've decided to meet Mr.Rizuwan to ask him about the past year papers..i asked him this and that..(sian dia penat nak explain)..hee sorry sir~ turned out the next day..when i opened up the question paper..i was like..damnnnnn..byk gle past year question yg kuar..happy gle ^^ the objective part..consist of 20 questions, i managed to settle it in less than 5 minutes..hoho..org yg duduk sebelah aku pon pandang2..mesti dia plek nape aku cpt sangat siap..haha

Moving on to essay section..consist of 4 questions..quite ok la..tp ade sikit x puas hati..there was this one question, xde pon dlm silibus tiba2 kuar dalam exam.huh..5 marks hilang cmtuh je..cehh..hopefully la, bley score for the other questions..nak sgt dpt A utk subject ni..

Now tinggal 2 paper lagi..comin' up TPT and IB..

Tak bley nak happy2 sangat lagi..exam is not over..need to focus!!

till then..see ya~

Tag 1

~ 5 things in my wallet:

  1. duit ~ hoho...ni mesti ade maaa...plg kurang pon duit kaler biru...hahaha..
  2. i.c ~ yg ni penting sgt, pape jd kte xtau..nanti xpasal dilabel pendatang haram lak..iskk
  3. lesen ~ mesti la letak dlm wallet..watpe ade lesen kalo xbwk kan? hoho
  4. atm card ~ dulu ade due. maybank ngan bank islam..tp skang tinggal yg bank islam je..yg maybank tuh,err da x bley gune..baki cket gle smpai x bley nak withdraw da..huhu
  5. kertas ~ kertas? kertas pe? Aku pon xtau mende ni ade..rupenye resit time kuarkan duit kt atm arituh..heheh

~ 5 favourite things in my bedroom:

  1. pc ~ ni ar teman baik aku..xde de, sunyi je hidop aku.hahaha
  2. flice flok ~ aku ske jam. blek aku ade byk gle jam..haha..tp ni yg aku plg ske. Kaler oren..ummi yg bg..^^
  3. tv ~ haa ni time bosan bley ar layan..lagi2 ade ps2..syok woo main game.hakhak
  4. books ~ book worm? Oh tidakk..blek aku byk komik + magazine..hahaha
  5. almari ~ penting ni..kalo tak mane nak letak semua baju2 aku tuh..xkan nak biar sepah2 je atas lantai..iskk..sakit mate tgk brg sepah2 ni.hoho

~ 5 things I wish to do:

  1. keje ~ penat ar blaja..serious. x sabar nak grad pastuh start keje! Nak keje yg relax je tp duit sentiase masuk..ade ke keje cmtuh?? Haha
  2. beli rumah ~ perghh..nanti aku da kaye bley ar.haha..teringin nak ade rumah sendiri..pastuh bley beli2 perabot and decorate ikut cita rase aku sendiri. favourite theme, modern + futuristic. hoho
  3. pergi melancong ~ aku ske jenjalan tgk negare org ni..best woo..one day aku nak backpacking pastuh travel around da world..gle cool..heheh
  4. relax 24 jam ~ hoho..best je bunyi nye..in a day..makan, main, tdo..waaa..kalau hari2 cmni kan best..huhu
  5. bungee jump ~ yes! Terigin sgt2..kt mesia ni kt mane ade tmpt utk buat bungee jump ni haa?? Ade ke? Best woo..imagine the thrill, the excitement..perghh

~ 5 things i'm doing now:

  1. tgh tulis tag ni la ~ watpe lg kan..
  2. usha blog org lain ~ aku ske bc2 blog org lain.haha
  3. lap hidung ~ heheh...aku selseme ar..kalau x lap kang meleleh hingus ni..x macho ar nanti..hahaha..
  4. minom air ~ cuace skrg panas..tekak kering..haus...heheh
  5. tgk jam ~ hehe...ye ar..nak tau gak skang da kol bape..mase tuh kan emas.haha

~ 5 people I would like to tag:

  1. tak
  2. de
  3. sape,
  4. malas
  5. hahaha

Survey 1

What is your name? Nazmi
How old are you? 21
When is your birthday? 28th of April 1988
Are you looking forward to it? not really
Why? it’s just like any other day to me
Are you happy? yes
What makes you happiest? when I accomplish something
Are you afraid of something? yes
Do you live alone, or with someone else? with someone else
Who? my family
Do you have any pets? nope
What is your favorite cartoon? shin chan and spongebob
Have you ever hit a deer? no
Do you drink? no
Do you prefer beer or liquor? neither
What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? apple juice
What kind of cell phone do you have? Motorola V360
Do you like it? yes
Do you hate it when people call you "dear"? no
To whom have you sent the most text messages? ntah
What did you do for new year's eve? stay at home and watch TV
Were there lots of pictures? nope
What is your favorite movie? LOTR
What is your favorite song? so many la
What concerts do you want to see in 2009? none
Do you have any tattoos? no
What is your favorite place to chill out? my room
Do you work out? sometimes..err..tukar2, make it rarely.heheh
Do you wear any jewelry? no
What is your favorite memory of the past couple of years? good times with friends
What is your goal for the year? nak dpt ANC!!
What do you think about when you first wake up? alhamdulillah, I’m still alive..
Do you shower daily? ofkoz..badanku sentiase wangi.ahaha
....alone? yes
Have you ever eaten sushi? yes
Did you like it? nope
List three things you can't live without: Allah, air, food
What is your best physical feature? none
What is your middle name? nil
Do you get choked up during dramatic movies? nope
What is your biggest pet peeve? for being lazy
Have you ever liked someone that all of your friends hate? nope
Is there anything that you regret? yes
Do you want children? of course
How many? tgk rezeki la. ahaha
Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket? almost..pheww
What is your favorite number? 8
What is your favorite sports team? arsenal..forever!
What is your most over-used phrase? what the..
What do you not say enough? im sorry

Buah Bongkar Rahsia

"Dalam satu kajian yang telah dilakukan oleh Dr. Barnett, beliau mendapati wujudnya satu hubungan unik antara manusia dan alam semula jadi. Menurutnya lagi, kita mampu menilai personaliti seseorang menerusi buah kegemaran masing-masing. Kaedah ini dikenali sebagai ‘Science of Fructology’.

Menurut Dr. Barnett, manusia mempunyai hubungan yang erat dengan alam semula jadi khususnya tumbuh-tumbuhan seperti buah- buahan. Seperti manusia, buah-buahan juga mempunyai pelbagai bentuk, saiz dan warna. Setelah hampir dua dekad mengkaji mengenai kaedah ini, akhirnya Dr. Barnett dan ahli kumpulan saintisnya yang lain berjaya menemui kaedah kajian personaliti manusia menerusi buah-buahan ini.

7 Kategori buah-buahan yang mempengaruhi kehidupan manusia:-

Jenis limau: Contohnya seperti oren, lemon, limau nipis dan limau barli.

Kamu cenderung kepada warna-warna cerah dan gemarkan sesuatu yang mencabar. Rakan-rakan kamu pula gemar merujuk sesuatu perkara mahupun masalah kepada kamu. Ini kerana kamu sendiri mempunyai kemampuan dan kebolehan yang unik sehingga rakan-rakan kamu yakin dengan nasihat dan pandangan kamu itu.

Orang luar sukar untuk menilai dan mengenal diri kamu yang sebenarnya. Mungkin mereka boleh mengenali kamu dengan lebih rapat, namun ia memakan masa yang agak lama. Kadangkala kamu hanya peruntukan masa yang singkat untuk bersendiri. Kamu gemar berehat dan bersendiri hanya untuk tempoh seketika. Rakan kamu akan berasa senang dan tenang bila meluangkan masa dengan kamu. Kamu tergolong antara individu yang gemar bergembira dan menggunakan waktu yang terluang itu dengan sebaik mungkin melakukan perkara-perkara yang menyeronokkan kamu.

Buah-buahan tropika: Contohnya seperti, pisang, betik, jambu, kiwi dan nanas.

Kamu sukakan pengalaman-pengalaman yang baru. Kamu gemar mencuba pelbagai jenis buah-buahan dengan pelbagai perisa sebanyak dan sekerap yang boleh. Orang di sekeliling kamu selalu menghadapi masalah dengan kamu kerana cara hidup kamu yang terlalu aktif. Kamu tidak sukakan sesuatu yang melibatkan kesakitan pada emosi kamu. Kebiasaannya pasangan kamu terdiri dari individu yang tenang berbanding kamu dan semestinya si dia menerima diri kamu seadanya. Kamu gemar meluangkan masa dengan individu yang sememangnya akrab dengan kamu. Teman-teman beranggapan diri kamu seorang yang mudah didekati dan gemar berseronok.Hakikatnya kamu ada pendirian yang tersendiri. kamu tidak suka menunjukkan perasaan sedih pada orang sekeliling. Simbol kamu itu melambangkan kamu seorang yang suka mengambil berat dan gemar berseronok.

Jenis Buah Ladang: Contohnya seperti epal dan pear.

Kata kunci di sini ialah kekuatan. Kamu bukan sahaja kuat pada diri sendiri tetapi kamu juga mampu menjadi tunjang kekuatan oleh individu yang berada di sekeliling kamu. Ini kerana kamu bijak membebaskan diri kamu dari tekanan hidup dan kamu sendiri tidak mudah mengalah. Sikap pentingkan diri sendiri tidak terkandung dalam keperibadian diri mu.Kamu juga lebih cenderung berdiri atas kaki sendiri, kamu tidak bergantung harapan kepada individu lain untuk hidup. Ramai yang beranggapan kamu adalah seorang yang berpengetahuan luas dan itulah hakikatnya. Kamu gemar mencari ilmu dan berusaha melakukan sesuatu yang terbaik dalam kehidupan kamu berdasarkan pengetahuan yang kamu miliki itu. Kejayaan pasti menyebelahi kamu dalam setiap perkara yang kamu lakukan.

Jenis tembikai: Contohnya seperti tembikai dan tembikai susu.

Seorang yang murah hati dan gemar menghulurkan bantuan bagi yang memerlukan. Bagi diri kamu, wujudnya kepuasan apabila kamu berjaya membantu orang lain. Kamu berhati-hati dalam memilih tumbuhan-tumbuhan yang ingin ditanam di sekitar tempat tinggal kamu. Kamu memiliki ramai teman rapat, ini kerana kamu memiliki keperibadian yang romantik. Kamu berusaha gigih bagi mengatasi kegagalan atau kekecewaan dalam hidup. Kamu melambangkan diri kamu sebagai individu yang berhati-hati.

Buah-buahan jenis beri.: Contohnya seperti, blackberi, blueberi, strawberi, raspberi, cranberi, anggur dan tomato.

Kamu gemarkan ‘party’ dan keseronokan. Kamu suka menggembirakan orang lain. Kamu juga mudah mendapat teman baru kerana kamu adalah seorang yang peramah. kamu akan berusaha melakukan apa sahaja untuk menjadikan sesiapa sahaja sebagai teman biarpun dengan cara yang agak pelik. Kamu bercita rasa unik. Hinggakan makanan yang menjadi pilihan kamu juga adalah terdiri daripada makanan-makanan yang berperasa lain dari yang lain.Personaliti kamu sukar dinilai kerana wujudnya kepelbagaian personaliti dalam diri kamu sendiri. Walau bagaimanapun, keseluruhan personaliti itu saling berkait rapat dan sekali gus menonjolkan diri kamu yang unik dan memiliki keistimewaan yang tersendiri. Simbol kamu melambangkan kamu seorang yang berpersonaliti.

Jenis Kekacang :Contohnya seperti walnut, hazel, gajus dan lain-lain.

Kamu ni ‘moody’ lah! Kadangkala mood kamu berubah-ubah tanpa sebarang sebab. Ketegasan adalah lambang keperibadian diri kamu. Sekiranya kamu yakin kamu berpihak di pihak yang benar, kamu pasti berdegil dengan pendirian kamu itu. Orang yang berada di sekeliling kamu juga akan sentiasa bersikap lebih berhati-hati kerana kedegilan kamu itu. Dalam percintaan kamu adalah individu yang setia. Kamu sanggup mengenepikan teman-teman kamu hanya kerana ingin meluangkan masa bersama kekasih hati kamu.Untuk mengenali kamu, individu itu perlu memperuntukkan waktu yang agak lama bagi memahami dan mengenali kamu dengan lebih dekat. Walau bagaimanapun kesabaran dan kesungguhan individu itu pasti akan berhasil juga akhirnya. Simbol kamu ini membuktikan kamu adalah seorang yang berpendirian.

p/s: aku suke apple! haha

The End is Near

Omigod..time flies so fast and we don’t even notice it. Day after day is burnt, and we take no heed of it; no time to reflect and ponder as to where our minutes are being invested, where our time is leading us, and how we've exhausted our lives thus far.

Class is finally over. Comin’ up is the final EXAM!! (rase mcm baru smalam start kuliah..tau2 da nak final!)

Just thinking of it makes me nervous. Even though I only got 3 final papers for this semester, it’s still going to be hard! The entire subject for this semester is really tough especially International Business and Research. (+_+!)

For this last semester, I really hope I can get another DL..just one more. It’s not going to be easy, but I knew it’s possible. Honestly, I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. So, chaiyok2 Naz!!! You can do it!! hahaha (self-motivation sgt penting =p)

Good luck to all for the final. Let us do our best and let Him do the rest .(^_^)

Burnt To a Crisp

I feel like this is a complete and total cop-out post so I completely and totally apologize in advance. I am, unfortunately, burnt out. Despite my lovely and relaxing weekend, I am still tired and at a loss of something substantial to write about, but here a short update on my life right now.

1) I am burnt out because of the fever and flu. I don’t know how many meds I’ve taken but the flu still persist..so stubborn! Thx goodness the fever is gone now.

2) Lots of TEST! 'Nuff said.

3) Still struggling to finish up reading the entire syllabus. Final is just around the corner! To be honest, I’m so worried about my IB subject. Since the lecturer who taught us is a newbie, I don’t really understand what I’ve been learning in his class all this while! It’s that bad. Apparently, most of my friends experienced the same thing. ( I seriously thought I was the only one =p)

4) My major Research presentation has been canceled (^__^). I was supposed to present it next Friday but according to Mr. Rizuwan, due to the time constraint, we only has to submit the final report. No need for the presentation.

5) Since I am in no mood to study (I’m sick remember =p), I decided to watch a few movies to get rid of the boredom that struck me. I watched two malay movies, first is Cicakman 2 and the second one is AntooFighter. As far as I’m concerned, both of the movies can be categorized as "the most stupid, lame, boring, crappy" movies ever made. Seriously, its so stupidddddddd. Typical malay movie. *sigh*

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Sneak Peek


Being Me is the greatest challenge
to keep on moving when everything messed up
to keep on going when my vision turns upside down
to keep calm when my anger explodes
to keep smiling when all I have is sadness
to enjoy the real happiness that came only for a while

but only this way
these lessons had taught Me how to live

these challenges that made me stronger inside out
these stories that gave me strength to my weaknesses
so I thank YOU GOD
for each fate that u wrote for my Life
is nothing better but THE BEST!